Horse & YOGA


The first of it's kind to be offered in Australia, these private sessions and workshops create a union between horse and human through a series of yoga, mindfulness and equine therapy.


horse and yoga therapy

What is Horse & Yoga Integration?


“The horse is a mirror to your soul.” ~ Buck Brannaman


Interacting with horses gives us a unique opportunity to mute our inner voice, that constant mind chatter, and focus on the more intuitive, non-verbal right side of the brain.


Why yoga & horses?  Yoga is truly about slowing down, becoming more in tune with the body & mind and being completely present – the baseline to connecting with horses.  We work with horses who are completely at ease and relish the contact and attention.  No equipment is used, besides halter and leadrope, to magnify the power of trust and connection.


We begin this unique experience by meeting and learning about your equine partner. After connecting through touch and grooming, enjoy a grounding practice on the earth before mindfully moving through postures on your selected horse.


You will be guided through a blissful sequence designed not only for you, but to intensify the yogic connection with the horse. We end this bareback practice in a powerful, deeply relaxing savasana and close with a mindfulness meditation to soothe the soul. A one-of-a-kind afternoon filled with trust, connection and self-care.


Horse & Yoga Integration is a deep way to feel embodiment, give meaning to your yoga practice and reconnect to nature: especially if city life is leaving you feeling stressed and out of touch with the natural world.


Maelani has lifelong experience with horses and has worked with guests who have had previous fears and those who have never touched a horse; allowing them to feel comfortable, safe and grounded. This ultimate mindfulness experience is suitable for ALL levels (beginner-advanced) in either yoga or horsemanship.


All of this happens at Highfield Equestrian, an idyllic spot only 25 mins away from the Melbourne CBD.

Is Horse & Yoga integration for me?


Are you an amazing person deserving of an amazing experience?

Do you need time out to feel relaxed and open?

Do you want to practice yoga in a unique space and mindful way?


Private Session (60 mins): $165

Two Person Private Session (75 mins): $200


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“The most amazing experience of my life! The connection was surreal and enabled me to be so aware of myself and this beautiful creature. One of a kind, thank you Mae!”




“The connection is incredible. It felt exhilarating, the trust I had to put into both Maelani and Christy (horse) terrified me and got me out of my comfort zone. I had to use so many of the tools we use in yoga including breathing, mindfulness, focus and balance. There was a moment when I finally had the courage to lie back on Christy. As someone who previously had a fear of horses, I cried from pure joy and also out of pride.”

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horse and yoga therapy

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horse and yoga therapy

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