Prenatal Couples Workshop

Saturday, 29 July | 1:00pm - 3:30pm


Join our prenatal teacher, Mim Taylor for an informative and hands-on couples workshop, designed especially for pregnant women and their birthing partners. You will learn empowering birthing strategies, rooted in yogic teaching and philosophy, and walk away with a deeper understanding on the vital role the birthing partner can have in a more mindful birth.


The 2.5 hour workshop will cover:

  • Awareness of the mind/body relationship to fear and pain
  • Pranayama breath-work to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and endure labour with more presence and ease
  • Hormonal systems active during labour and birth
  • Acupressure points for a calmer birth
  • Vocal Toning and Chanting for tension release
  • Yoga Nidra/Visualisation as a form of relaxation
  • Yoga Asana for couples in pregnancy, working through trust, connection, support and letting go
  • Essential Oils with Arianna Pienaar to support pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Yogic wisdom and how it relates to the roles of the birthing mother and partner during labour


This workshop is a unique opportunity to expand as an expectant couple, to be brave, open minded and vulnerable with one another, so you may both move through the birthing experience with more confidence and trust.


 $75 per couple


Sunrise Yoga Challenge

July 31 to August 6


There's a science behind rising early, with benefits of being more alert, less impatient, less reliant on stimulants (coffee!) and emotional stability. Waking up earlier also means your body is more in tune with the circadian rhythms of the earth, leading to greater restorative sleep.


Join us for:

7 Days of Morning Yoga - starting Monday, July 31 to Sunday, Aug 6!


 There will be goodies for all participants to fuel for the day ahead and those that complete all seven days will go in the draw for a chance to win fabulous prizes, including a "super savasana" float session at BeyondRest Prahran!


We especially put this Challenge out to all you midday and evening yogis, the "I'm not a morning person" yogi and snooze button junkie!


Good Habits + Great Mindset = Changed Life!


Must attend 6:15am classes Monday - Friday and "yogis choice" of morning classes on the weekend.


Spots are limited so book in now!


 $55 Non-Members (that's less than $8 per class!) | FREE Members


*members, please email to book


Essential Oils Workshop


with Arianna Pienaar & Alice Nichols

Saturday, 5 August | 12:00pm - 2:00pm


Join doTERRA Leader and Yogi, Arianna Pienaar and doTERRA Leader and Natural Health Educator, Alice Nicholls as they step you through everything you need to know about essential oils.


Learn how to bring stronger physical and emotional wellbeing to your life and support a lower-tox environment.



In this class you will learn:

+ What essential oils are

+ What are the most important ones that every household needs

+ How to support a chemical free household

+ How to safely use essential oils


Essential oils can:

+ be used to make natural skincare and natural cleaning products

+ support emotional wellbeing + enhance your spiritual practice

+ promote deep and restful sleep

+ improve digestive health

+ help to fight colds

+ alleviate headaches

and so much more!!


You'll have the opportunity to experience the oils on the day. Feel free to bring along a friend but please make sure they book through this link so we can make enough treats for everyone. Come along to discover how essential oils can support you in leading a natural and holistic life. We can't wait to share with you!


- Alice and Arianna -

Raw treats and refreshments provided.


Ground Into Stillness:  Yin & Mindfulness

with Tara Buhagiar

Friday, 11 August | 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Take a moment to pause and relax into the stillness.


A mindfulness meditation to cultivate grounding even with the busy mind. Winter is a time to slow down and connect to the quiet space within. Just as animals hibernate, enjoy this restful practice of earthbound yin and a deep meditation into calm.


 $39 Non-Members | $29 Members


*members, please email to book




Friday, 18 August | 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Join us and our neighbours, Bodhi & Ride, for a special event experience:


First we RIDE in candlelight for 30 mins to mesmerising TRANCE music and achieve the Bodhi style, euphoria filled HIGH. Then head upstairs into the candle lit YOGA Loft where 45 mindful minutes of MOVEMENT, BREATH and CHILL awaits us.

Finish off with a savasana of bliss before being spoilt by delicious treats, nibbles and bubbles.


This is a truly unique & well-balanced workout that has to be experienced. Perfect for all levels of Riders and Yogis. No prior experience necessary.


This class will be led by Jodie Burton, an experienced Spin Instructor and current member of the Radiant Sol teaching team.


 $25 Non-Members | $10 Members


*Members on Direct Debit weekly memberships

*members, please email to book